Jessie’s 2nd Birthday

Jessica had a really fun 2nd Birthday party at our place in August, 2011, with the arrival of my brother Tim and his girlfriend Heather, plus of course our local friends.

We made a Brucey cake, he looks sort of like our cat, Bruce. I made the cake and icing, Mark decorated it using a piping bag, I was very impressed!

We had lots of fun in the backyard of our new house. Most of our friends are from mother’s group at Granville Island, plus of course Leah, Jonathan and Maegan, and our two neighbours who also have little ones.

Jessie did look cute in GJ’s birthday dress (Mark’s mum gave her this at the beginning of the summer). Leah gave Jessie the pretty flower sandals, all the way from Trinidad.

The swings were a big hit.

Jessie liked eating the Brucey cake with her fingers.

Enjoying ourselves in the backyard at the party.

Jonathan, Maegan and Leah

Jessie and Maegan liking the cake.

To see all the pics from the party click here.


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