Getting into the Christmas Spirit

We have had some fun getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Early December we got a gorgeous organic Grand Fir tree, and had a blast decorating it, click here for all the photos. Jessie at 2 years old is enjoying making various christmas crafts, mainly decorating cardboard for tree ornaments with stickers and glitter. Plus her play dough is a daily joy, yesterday she was making hippos from the cookie cutters and then asked me to make a car seat and a blanket for them as they needed a nap. We have also been around our area with Jessica bundled up in the stroller at night watching the christmas lights on the houses, it really is quite pretty, some blow up santa’s, santa in helicopter, giant christmas Elmo and giant christmas Pooh bear are all in the area. I think I have only seen one nativity scene, it’s 99% santa and snowmen. But my favourite is the Peanut’s christmas scene, with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, it’s very cute.

I am not sure which one Jessie liked better, the tree or Mark the Moose.

Click here to see the video on You Tube of Jess and Mark the Moose dancing. If you ever wanted to see our video clips, just go to and type in Kazmarks, and our clips should come up.

We also went to Mark’s work (Knight Piesold) Kid’s Christmas Party, which was a lot of fun.

The children’s entertainer made wonderful animals from balloons.
She was a little timid of Santa, so I helped out. He gave her a gorgeous counting Cookie Monster toy, which she has a lot of fun with.

Unfortunately Mark had to go up north with work, to Mt Milligan mine, in northern BC for 10 days. It was a very long 10 days. Jess and I were both sick, I took her to hospital one morning and luckily she was seen early and we were out by lunchtime. I had to see the Dr twice to get antibiotics, which has worked really well, both of us had chest infections which triggered asthma, ‘tis the season, so they say. So we are both on the mend and very lucky to have Mark home now. It definitely played havoc with the Christmas cards, I have only just sent them now, so apologies to the international ones, they will be there in the new year.
Jessie needed mum close by to warm up to Santa, before she was ready for her solo shot. Thank you Aunty Jenny for the gorgeous dress!


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