Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year to all our friends and family! Let’s hope 2012 brings much peace, health and happiness.

On Jan 2nd we had a scrumptious High Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Jess even sat for the whole afternoon without a fuss, I think that was a first. The food and ambience was just fantastic, definitely a very pleasant and civilised way to spend the afternoon. We visited the outdoor skating rink afterwards, was tempted to put Jess in some skates with Dad holding her hand, but it was getting late, maybe next year.

We had a lovely time on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as you can see from the photo pages. Jessie was quite surprised at all of her presents, and we even held some back for later. Her favourite present that got the most use was, of course, a box.

Her favourite toy = a box. Many uses, can sleep in it, can surprise people in it, can put all toys in it, can give many toys a ride in it…

New dolly and stroller was a big hit too.

Granny and Grandpa’s new doll house has provided hours of playtime.

Say ‘cheese’! Thanks to GJ and Grampsie (Mark’s parents).

Jess, Tricia and Liam had a good time making ice cream on Boxing Day

Jess and Liam really enjoy one another’s company.

Jess and I were lucky that Mark had the week off between Christmas Day and New Years Eve. Most mornings we found a new spot to hang out, the Hillcrest community pool. It is fabulous, with a huge kids pool, 50m lap swimming pool, hot tub, lazy river, all indoor of course. Jessie had a great time swimming with Dad while I did my laps, it was a win-win for all. Afterwards she would need some refueling and we would stop at Starbucks for a refreshment and much needed treat, she likes the cream and chocolate sauce on top of her hot chocolate, but not too fond of the actual drink. She was so used to her daily Starbucks visit and was quite disturbed when we couldn’t stop there this week, she has asked for it many times. I think we have a new Starbucks addict in the house…

New Years Eve was just like a normal night for us, we had a nice dinner, then bedtime routine, Jess was in bed by 8pm, I was in bed by 8.30pm with a cuppa and a book, out by 9.30pm. Mark still likes his World of Warcraft computer game, so no doubt played that until late.


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