Ballet begins!

We have had a great start to 2012, with 13 days straight without Jessie being sick, although I shouldn’t jinx us as Mark’s going away with work shortly.

Last Saturday Jess started her ballet class with Maegan, Leah’s daughter. They had a lot of fun, as they are only 2 years old it is parent participation, so Mark and I shared it, and the girls loved it, click here for more photos.

Run, run, run…

She likes the mirror, and the mirror likes her…

Jessie likes to run.

On Saturday afternoon we were lucky enough to have Roselle (my old work buddy) and her three girls Medina (15), Sophia (13) and Nadia (4) over for a visit. We have been so fortunate that Roselle has given us all of Nadia’s clothes as she grows out of them, it really is perfect, and Jess loves them.

A couple of cuties – Nadia and Jess

There is always time for some tree climbing with Dad in the backyard.

This week I have vowed to get fit, as we all do in January every year. So far this week I have lost half a kilo, or a pound, depending on which country you live in. After many, many invites I finally took Leah up on her offer to give me a personal training session in her local gym, so I put Jessie in the childcare, it’s probably about the third time I have left her in a daycare situation, and of course I hesitated at leaving her, but she couldn’t wait to run off to all the new toys and her friend Maegan, Leah’s daughter, and didn’t even give me a backward glance. Leah gave me a full workout, with cardio machines then in the weight training room, I am only just recovering now, my stomach has never worked so hard, but no pain no gain. I took Maegan and Jess in the pool afterwards, and they liked the swim, Jess wouldn’t let me touch her, and wanted to just swim ‘all by self’ with the life jacket on.

As I mentioned before, we have discovered a fantastic community centre, Hillcrest, that was built for the Olympics here in 2010, with a 50m pool, kids pool, whirlpools, lazy river, curling sheet, ice rink, badminton room, full gym with different equipment rooms, and lots of rooms for community centre events. On Tuesday I took Jessie to the childcare and jumped into the pool to do some laps, then took Jess in the kids pool for a swim. She just loves going swimming, as she can swim ‘all by self’ with either water wings or a life jacket on, and loves jumping in from the edge, and going into the warm pool (large hot tub, with lots of jets making bubbles).

Wednesday was the weekly swim lessons, and at breakfast Jess turned to Mark and says ‘Daddy can you come swimming with me today?’, and Mark thought about it for a second and said yes, and called work and told them he’d be late. It was quite cute.

Click on the video above if you have Quicktime (most Apple’s have this)

Jess likes the slide, Dad is waiting for her in the pool.

Thursday we went to Hillcrest again, and I did a fitness class, with Jess in the childcare for an hour. It was great, I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up at all, as it’s been probably 10 years since I had done one, but I was fine, although there is room for improvement. When I picked up Jess I met another friend there with their little one about to go to Parent and Tot yoga, and so we joined them! It was quite cute, making ‘bug’ poses with Jess either copying or crawling underneath or on top of me. We still had to go swimming though, as I had promised her that, so it was a solid morning at Hillcrest.

Today was a normal Friday, we went to gymnastics this morning with Jody and her kids Aoife (3) and Angus (2). They did well, they like the trampoline, slide (of course), beams, bars, and climbing on and up anything. Jody and my highlight was that one of the Sedin brother’s came in afterwards and sat down near us as our kids were having their snack. For non-Canadians the Sedin brother’s are the stars of the Canucks ice hockey NHL team, he was watching his kid do their gym class.

This weekend will be busy, with Mark going away next week, we have jobs to do, and Jessie’s ballet lesson tomorrow, and his work’s social club curling night. Then on Sunday we might go to the Vancouver Aquarium in the morning, thanks to Uncle Tim’s family membership he gave us for Christmas! I am still stoked as it’s an awesome present.

This morning I was going to tip toe out of the house to go to the gym before the snorers awoke, but with 10cm of snow outside the roads will be too messy. Also – Jess just woke up and has her snowboots and hat on with her PJ’s, any guesses as to what she wants to do???

Front yard at 6.30am

Backyard – notice the footprints going through the vegie garden on the left.

We are thinking raccoons…

New plan – play in the snow, then walk to breakfast at Bon’s diner, a block from here, then assess the roads and hopefully go to ballet at 10am. Although we have snow tires, it’s rare for Vancouverites to have the winter tires, which means that any intersection is dicey as they can’t stop.


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