Our snow week!

We have had a great week of fun in the snow. Each year Vancouver will get some snowfalls, I’d say about three times, but it usually doesn’t last longer than a few days. This time we have been (lucky) enough to have it stay over a week. Jess has just loved it, getting so excited to play in it, with her sand toys, building snowmen, and sledding/tobogganing.

Jessie thought it was very funny getting hit with snowballs

Sophia, Julia and Jessie on the toboggan at Clinton Park
Julia and Jessie making snow angels

Jessie likes making snow angels, taking me back to my Canton exchange student days with my host mum Mary.

Even though it was -4 degrees, we still had a nice lunch in the backyard with some brief sunshine.

On Saturday night Mark’s work social club held a night of Curling, or lawn bowls on ice. It was held at the Vancouver Curling Club, which was where the Olympic curling occurred, next to Hillcrest, our favourite community sports complex.

Jessie was trying to pick up the ‘rocks’, even though they are nearly twice her weight.

She liked the sweeping idea with the brooms

It was cold, not a sport that I could get into.

Mark is now working up at Mt Milligan mine for a few weeks, and the night before he left, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium. We activated our new family membership, thanks to brother Tim, and had a great time. Jessie liked the beluga whales, thanks to Raffi’s song, the turtles, jellyfish and dolphins best.

Beluga whale watching

Luminescent jellyfish

She was captivated, we might go again this weekend.

Unfortunately the snow is being washed away with rain, and plus zero temperatures predicted for the next week. Although we have enjoyed it, most Vancouverites have not, as it plays havoc with the roads. But after watching our street one afternoon I have learned that:
1. Don’t speed on icy, snowy roads.
2. If your car slides the first attempt up the hill, do not try again.
3. If you stop halfway up a hill, you have buckley’s of getting traction again, and better settle in for the night. Next door did not learn this lesson.
4. Get winter tires on your car (90% of Vancouverites do not have them) if you want to drive on the side streets.

It was actually quite humorous watching the cars sliding all over the road, and the Canada Post van slid 90 degrees across the road on the hill, blocking it for an hour or two before being towed.

It’s a shame that Mark missed playing in the snow with Jess, but we can always go up to the local mountains when he gets back in a few weeks.


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