Fun times with Friends

This week was fairly uneventful, with Mark away, Jess and I caught up with friends. It rained all week except for Thursday, where we did catch some rays outside in our backyard. Saturday we went to ballet, then surprised Aunty Leah with a chocolate cake for her birthday. They were very excited as they have just found out they are having a boy, and are now at 21 weeks.

Sunday we went to Hillcrest pool with Liam and Tricia, it was fairly crowded with lots of kids swim lessons on, but still a fun time was had by all, and we even bumped into Travis with Aoife and Angus. We had Tricia and Liam over for dinner that evening, and as you can see, ice cream was a big hit.

Jessie likes her ice cream, and her Rolling Stones impression

Do you think he likes his ice cream?

Monday we had our gym date with Leah and Maegan at their North Vancouver gym, I get a good workout in, Leah should really be a personal trainer, she is a great motivator. Then they came over for lunch, the girls are just so cute, and really enjoy their time together.

Maegan and Jess playing in the toy box

Unfortunately Jessie and I came down with a chesty cold, and have been laying fairly low the past few days, no swimming lessons, gym class or mum and tot yoga, but we did have some playtime in our backyard on the swings and slide in the sun.

Have to wish Mark’s cousin Chrissy and her husband Scott a big congratulations on the birth of their new little girl this week, Sierra!


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