Toronto trip

Last week Mark came home on Thursday evening, and we left Friday morning for a week in Toronto with his parents, catching up with the whole family and celebrating Morley’s 74th birthday. It was so good to catch up with all the family, especially Jessie’s cousins, they grow so quickly!

The grand parents – Janet and Morley

Wills and Emily (Paul and Vicki’s 3rd and 2nd children) playing with Jess

Also we wanted to have some time with Morley as unfortunately he is undergoing chemotherapy for a lymphoma. He is doing remarkably well considering, and Janet is holding up well too.

Our week included hanging out with Tamara (Mark’s youngest sibling) who is on maternity leave, and their gorgeous son Cedric, who is 7 months, smiley and a total pudding pot. We went for quite a few walks around Newmarket, the first one was in a lovely private forest, similar to Algonquin, despite the plethora of doggy landmines it was a lovely trail.
Janet and Morley were in their element!

Jessie loved this trail, it reminded us of the Algonquin trails, except a shorter driving distance, in Newmarket.

Achtung Hundescheiße – no matter how hard we tried, no one escaped it, we all had dog doo doo on our boots.

Morley and Emily blowing out the candles

We had a lovely birthday party for Morley’s 74th birthday, with Tam, Pat and Cedric, and Paul, Vicky, Declan, Emily and Wills joining the celebration of roast chicken, mashed potatoes (go figure!), mashed turnip, peas, corn, cranberry sauce, gravy and lemon pudding for dessert, plus home made cake and ice cream. No wonder I put on 3 pounds/1.5 kilos in one week!

Morley was a good sport and let the grandkids help him open his present, a new Bose sound speaker system.

Jessie loved walking around Fairy Lake, it was lovely and sunny.

There are so many lovely trails and parks in Newmarket, it’s a very well planned suburb.

Our last night was spent with Stu, Kim, Zach and Jordyn, we had a lovely chicken saltimbocca, with pumpkin pie and ice cream for dessert.

Yeah for ice cream! Jess, Mark, Zach and Stu
Jordyn reading with GJ and Grampsie

We had a good flight home, but left the backpack in taxi, which was a bit of a stress as it contained just a few things – passports, wallet with all licenses and credit cards, cell phone, ipad etc. Luckily we got it all back on Monday.

This week is back to normal, Sunday we took Jess to the Aquarium, yesterday we went to Strong Start, a local free drop in pre-school, we went to the gym this morning, then a swim which Jessie loved, and then tonight I’m making a lovely roast lamb dinner, chocolate cupcakes and apple crumble for Valentine’s Day. Tomorrow is swim lessons, Thursday is the gym and mum and tot yoga, Friday gymnastics and Saturday ballet.

We have to congratulate Betsy, Pat, Grace and Aine on the arrival of their new little brother Brendan, what a cutie! We did suggest Marvin as a name, but they stuck with Brendan Gay.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


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