Valentine’s and Anniversary week

This past week or so has been busy, with both Valentine’s Day and our 14th Wedding Anniversary. For Valentine’s Day I cooked a very nice New Zealand lamb roast, with apple and strawberry crumble for dessert, plus some chocolate cupcakes. Mark and I both thought it was delicious, and even Jessie loved the meat, which is unusual, she is such a carb junkie.
Lamb roast and vegies pre-cooking

Jessie enjoys home made cupcakes, although she does mostly just eat the icing

Our little picasso – last week we went to the local Strong Start drop-in pre-school, which we love, at our local primary/elementary school. I still can’t believe it’s free!

Last week was mostly spent getting back into our routine, home from our Ontario trip. Saturday I registered Jess into a local pre-school, it’s a short drive away, and parent participation, which means I do a duty day once a month, and a few other jobs during the year, plus we were top of the priority list, guaranteed a place. The pre-school scene in Vancouver is one of over whelming demand, not enough supply. The other pre-school I was looking at, Trout Lake, would be a line up overnight to register her and a larger class size, which we are not keen on either one. Although I do know some people that have advertised on craigslist and paid teenagers or university students to line up for them, it’s kind of funny, but there must be a better way.

Yesterday was our 14th Wedding Anniversary, and we had a nice dinner out planned (first in over a year!), but unfortunately Jess came down with a bad cold on Monday night, so we stayed in and ordered pizza.

It’s been raining everyday here, not cold enough for snow but <10 degrees. Today we actually had a few hours of nice sunshine, and Jess liked her time in our backyard.

Jess on the swing

Jess likes climbing the tree in our backyard


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