Another day in the office for Mark…

We have had another fun filled week here in Vancouver, with lots of indoor and outdoor activities. Mark was away Monday – Wednesday with work, up past Kamloops, on his hydrology side, taking stream gauging’s and snow pack surveys, which he quite liked as it involved lots of ski-dooing across interior BC.

Jess, Liam, Tricia and myself went to Jericho Beach and Spanish

Banks on Sunday for a walk, Liam brought his bike, he is so fast!

Monday we went to the gym with Leah and Maegan. Tuesday we found a great spot, it’s an indoor beach volleyball centre, with 5 sandy courts set up, just for kids by day complete with toys! Tuesday night we had our book club at our place, which is always nice catching up with friends without kid interruptions!

Wednesday was a lovely snow day, so we had a play in the morning before swimming lessons, then our mum’s group met at the local bowling alley for kids disco bowls.

Thursday was our gym day, I had a lovely swim. Friday was gymnastics and Jess had a dentist appointment. On Saturday Jess enjoyed going to ballet with Mark, while I had a luxurious hour or two to myself at home, and of course did house cleaning! Then Leah

and Maegan came over for a play and dinner. Today we went for breakfast, Mark went towork, then Jess and I met our friends Yolanda and Mason at Squamish for a fundraiser event, she loved the bouncing castle, balloon animals and games.

Even though we had snow this week, it does feel like spring is approaching, and today the daffodils came out.

Bulbs are up in the front side garden, but no flowers yet

Various bulbs and our new red peonies are coming up

For more photos from this week click HERE.


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