Spring has Sprung!

Spring has slowly started to emerge in Vancouver! The daffodils are mostly out, crocuses, and some azaleas too. Our front garden has some of the little bulbs out, and the daffies are about to flower.

This week has been good for us, Jess has a minor cold, a runny nose and a cough at night, but I don’t think it will develop into anything. It is the first week of a 2 week Spring Break, so most of our classes are not on, so we have had some nice playdates. We met up with Nicola and little Alex, and Geeta and Micah, who were part of our mum’s group, at the giant sandbox, and the kids had a ball. On Friday we went to the local mall and Jessie got a haircut, just a trim, and some new passport pictures done, as we need to renew her passports as the first ones only last three years. Boy is it easier taking a photo of a 2 year old rather than a 2 month old! Wednesday we still had swimming, we were supposed to be part of a gymnastics display for the local morning TV show but unfortunately we slept in. Monday we went to Hillcrest pool in the morning for a swim,

and Jody, Aoife and Angus joined us. In the afternoon Mark met us at the Fairmont Hotel for High Afternoon Tea, which we counted as dinner.

Cheese! Jess likes her tricycle.



Jess and Julia like the swings


Ice cream time!



Our daffodils out the front nearly in bloom.


Our front garden to the side



Our peonies are just emerging, the red shoots in the centre.



Our front garden has lovely bulbs coming up, and the roses are shooting.



The daffodils in the back garden are in bloom

Lovely daffies…




Mark has been home and working in the office, unfortunately he has too much work in the office, and had to spend all weekend working, which is annoying for both of us. We still managed a nice breakfast yesterday at our favourite spot, Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe, which was fun. Jess and I took our neighbour Julia, who is 4, to the park yesterday, then we played again at her place after our nap. As our nap turned into 3 hours, we had our first ‘family movie night’, and watched Tangled last night. It was a take on Rupunzel, which I didn’t realise was so dark, as per most fairly tales, with babies being stolen, men almost being hanged etc. Jessie liked it tough, and sat through the whole movie on the couch snuggled with either Mark or myself, minus the last ten minutes when she was playing with her toys.

This week is more playdates with friends, and a meetup with my ‘Aussie Mum’s in Vancouver’ group, which you will hear about in the next blog. Mark leaves tomorrow morning for 11 days away, which I am not looking forward to.


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