Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all! Yes it is a few days late, but we had a really good four day weekend, the Easter bunny was very kind to us, and in true North American style we celebrated the holiday with lots of crafts and activities.

On Good Friday we went to Creekside Community Centre (Olympic Village) for their annual Easter egg hunt. The weather may not be the greatest here in Vancouver (occasionally we will get 3 months in a row of rain everyday) but I just love our community centres, without them we would be lost. They have holiday breakfasts/egg hunts etc. for all occasions. This Easter Egg Hunt was amazing, $3 per kid, and the staff had done an amazing job of setting up all sorts of activities for 0-5 year olds, including an appearance by the Easter Bunny himself! There was the Easter Egg hunt, easter bunny skittles, an easter egg hunt plasma car obstacle course, Easter bunny toss, the usual playgym toys – slide, bricks, tables, gym mats, craft tables – cookie decorating, stickers on plastic easter eggs, and a giant tweety bird jumping/bouncing castle. The kids had a blast, we went with Liam and Tricia, Alex and Nicola, I was lucky enough to have met them in our mum’s group, and we still meet up quite often.

Liam the fireman and his damsel

Jessie on the egg hunt

Jessie got to meet the easter bunny, then went up another two times to get more eggs!

Jessie liked coloring our eggs with natural food dyes, then loved eating coloured hard boiled eggs for breakfast each morning last week.

Liam and Tricia came over for Easter Sunday breakfast and egg hunt at our place and our neighbour Nadia’s house. The Easter Bunny was very generous to the kids and adults this year!
She now likes hard boiled eggs.

The excitement of the Easter Egg hunt!

We have had some nice sunny days as well, spring really is here, well at least sometimes. Jessie and Maegan on our swings

Aunty Leah and Jess

Life is still good with a wet bum! Some girls like purses, some like watering cans.

Mark’s work had a social club afternoon at the skating rink, Jessie’s first time on skates!

Spring update – yes the cherry blossoms are now out, as are the magnolias, the daffodils, and the tulips are just starting.  Our one tulip in the front garden is now out.

This is the other end of our street, the cherry blossoms are gorgeous.

Vegetable garden update – we have now prepared and planted one of the five panels of our vegie garden with broad beans and spinach seeds. We have lots of other seeds to plant, but some have to wait until the frost zone has lifted, which I think would be mid May.

Jessie’s new sandpit, it was a project that Mark and I did yesterday after his exam. Not sure that we chose the right spot though, as it’s under our clothes line.

Mark has been head down, bum up, studying hard, as his Professional Engineering exam was today, and he now has to hand in his practical experience report. It will be a huge relief to both of us when he has this milestone done and dusted! I now have sympathy for my girlfriends whose partner is studying. At least Mark’s is only for a short period, about 6 weeks, the end is in sight. This is one of the reasons why our blog hasn’t been updated for nearly a month, plus we had a week without wireless internet, plus Jess has now given up her midday naps, or I have stopped forcing her to sleep by taking her for a stroller ride. I do like the earlier, easier bedtime, but not the whiney, grumpy, ratty, tired toddler for the two hours before bedtime. Also another milestone is reached, she is now pooping in the potty and toilet, not the diaper. She has been toilet trained since last August for pee, when she turned two, but refused to do a number 2 in anything but a diaper/nappy. Now we have success, with the help of two bribes – chocolate and she gets to watch a Dora/Diego TV show. She has smartened up though and now wants to go several times during the day to get more rewards… ahhhhh the life of a toddler…

To see all the photos from April on flickr please click here


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