May sneak preview of summer!

We have been enjoying the start of summer immensely, as we have had 2 weeks now of sunshine days, no rain. Unfortunately we are in for at least a week of rain starting later today, and of course this is the long weekend, and most importantly outdoor pool opening weekend! Yipee! Yesterday was nice, sunny and a high of 17 degrees C, not really ‘hot’ but warm enough to spend 2 hours at Hillcrest outdoor pool, and an hour inside on the lazy river and hot tub.

Mark is in the middle of a 4 week work trip up to Mt Milligan, a mine in northern BC. He takes an hour flight to Prince George, then 4 hours in a bus to the site. It’s a new mine, not running yet, still in start up mode. There is no town there, it’s quite remote, just a ‘camp’ of containers which are now offices, bedrooms, cafeteria etc. It was supposed to be a 3 week trip, but they asked him to stay an extra week. This might turn out in our favour, as Mark may now be able to have the last week of July off, and join us at the cottage in Ontario. There is so much work on for his company right now that they are not approving any vacation until October, as summer is their busiest time with so many people in the field. As my friend David always says, ‘it’s good to be employed’, there is no shortage of work in mining and hydro power projects. Also, he has now passed his Professional Engineering exam, and handed in his work experience report. They are just waiting for all his references to come in then will assess him for his ‘P. Eng’, hopefully it comes soon!

Jessie and I have been enjoying our backyard, getting the veggie garden ready and planted, playing in the sandpit, both of us mowing the lawn and having playdates. All of our friends, obviously apart from our neighbours, live in apartments or a boat, so its nice to have them over to share our outdoor space.
Our backyard in April…

Our backyard in May… we love the trees all with their lovely green leaves…click here to play the video on YouTube

Jessie’s new bubble lawn mower is a big hit, it lets me mow the lawns with my little helper fully occupied and happy, click here for the video

She loves the pool and playing with her water toys

She loves ‘reading’ mummies or her books to her friends, click here for the video.

Liam and Jess loved the Vancouver Aquarium, we have been enjoying our membership, I think I went weekly for about a month, now it will be probably every two weeks.

BFFF – Best Fairy Friends Forever, Jess and Maegan are loving their ballet class – click here to see the video on YouTube

The vegetable garden is coming along nicely, Jess helped me plant lots of seeds – coriander, scallions/spring onions, Peaches and Cream and Sweet corn, cucumbers, zucchini, mixed lettuce, basil, parsley, snow peas, sugar snap peas, green beans, sweet potato, potato, broad beans, spinach, butternut squash and jack-o-lantern pumpkin (for Halloween). Everything has come up now except the ones in italics.

I am very grateful for good friends, as Mark is away, my friend Kristen gave me a fantastic birthday present – Jessie minding, allowing me to have a lovely patio lunch at a seafood restaurant, Monks, then an organic facial, with my friend Michelle. It was heavenly. I still look forward to the odd times I can:

– leave the house with just a purse – no snacks, change of clothes, water bottle, bubbles, wipes, crayons etc. in our diaper backpack
– listen to the CBC radio in the car instead of kid music or stories
– wearing pretty shoes instead of my sneakers, flip flops or Birkenstocks
– put on a skirt, some make up and jewellery
– have some ‘alone’ time, I arrived early and was able to read some of the Globe and Mail newspaper while sipping a lovely NZ Sauv Blanc

Don’t get me wrong, I love my time with Jess, but it certainly is nice for a break, where I feel like an independent adult again.

There are now more photos to our albums, click here for April and here for the May albums.


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