June fun in the sun

Stop the presses: this is the last blog entry on my iWeb website. Please update our new blog address to:


The current wordpress website is being built and improved upon, over the next few weeks you will see quite a change. I am quite peeved at Apple for discontinuing their iWeb product, which is how I produce this website/blog. As of July 1st, 2012, this website will cease to exist, hence moving to the new site.

This month we have had some fun times in the backyard, Jess just loves getting dirty and wet in the sandpit and blow up pool.

Jess and her new outdoor table next to the sandpit.

Where’s my lunch?

We also went to Bowen Island for the day for Father’s Day, and did a really nice hike, Jess and Dad were having some snuggles on the ferry.

Jess and Dad on the hike

Jess loved ‘fishing’ in the pond

Jess too pooped to walk, taking a ride on Dad’s back

We reached Killarney Lake, it was quite scenic, although drizzling

We loved our tacos and ice cream on the pier before catching the ferry back to Vancouver.

To see all of the June 2012 photos click here to go to our Kazmarks Flickr page.


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