Summer has finally arrived!

Yeah!  After a wet first of July, Canada Day, weekend, we have had 1.5 weeks of pure sunshine, and we love it.  The temps have been around 22-23 each day, celsius that is, and it is really nice.  We have had lots of fun getting outdoors and enjoying the sun.  We had a  lovely day at Granville Island waterpark with Tricia and Liam, they have lots of water sprays and even a waterslide that is free for everyone!  I think Jess is a bit young for that, but maybe if she is keen we will wait for Grandpa to go with her.

Jessie went to Haydn’s 3rd birthday party, he is a friend from our gymnastic class.  She looked very pretty in last years birthday party dress, although it was a bit shorter on her.  You can dress the girl up, but the skinned knees and her tomboy ways still show through…

Mark and I took Jess to the Burnaby Village Museum on the rainy long weekend, she liked the carousel and of course an ice cream!

We are very lucky to have park supervisors, from our local community centres, set up at various parks with water activities and an arts and crafts table.  Clinton Park is great, it has a wading pool open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Jessie really liked the arts and crafts table, painting, glitter and little pom poms to stick on coloured paper, she thought it was great.  Garden Park last Friday was also fun, they had a spray park open, and Jess made a monster puppet from a paper bag.  Did I mention these were free, and open all July/August during the summer vacation, and only 5 blocks away?  It is a great service to the community.

Jessie also loved going to ‘Music with Marnie’ music and movement classes with her friends Alex (+ Nicola) and Micah (+Geeta).  Marnie is a bit of a legend here, she is a talented children’s performer that holds concerts for kids, plus runs music classes, she comes from an early childhood education and musical background and the kids adore her.

We had a lovely day at Jericho Beach with Geeta, Micah & Alex, and Nicola & Alex, the kids loved it.  Jessie is very happy with water and sand.  I still can’t get used to going to the beach without taking your swimmers, it just doesn’t seem right.  The water is frigid, ok to put your feet in, but that is about it.  We also had another day with them plus Tricia and Liam at Maple Grove pool, it is our favourite outdoor pool in Vancouver, just for kids, and lots of green lawn around the pool to set up your blanket and picnic.

Mark is doing well, he has had a couple of short trips with work in July, one to do stream gauging in the Similkameen Valley, and another mine up past Prince George, and the rest of the time he has been in the office, which is a change.  This week he is going p to a new mine for three days, to Blackwater, which is up past Prince George.  Jess and I are getting ready to go to cottage on Saturday for two weeks, to spend some quality time with the Smith clan, and lots of lazing in the lake.

Jess has really liked her ‘korklova’ (pavlova), click on the link below.

Jess eating her ‘korklova’



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2 responses to “Summer has finally arrived!

  1. carolyn and peter donnelly

    Maybe the ” Korklova” could be a knife and fork job for Jess!!

  2. I LOVED the Granville Island water park when I was a kid (yes, it has been there that long). The new blog looks great! You must be delighted.

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