Lovin’ the summer!

This has been a really nice week, we have had lots of sunshine, swims at the pool, playdates, parks and water play in our backyard; the typical summer week!

While Jess has been playing in the zebra pool or sandpit, I have been able to tidy up our vegetable garden, which is really coming on well.  Right now we are at the end of the baby spinach, I should really pull it out and sow some more, and are just starting to pick lovely Snow and Sugar Snap peas, broad beans and green beans.  The slugs have gone but unfortunately the aphids are onto the broad beans, does anyone have any cure for this?  I have been squirting them with a dish soap mix, but after a day or two they come back.  Flower report – the peonies came and went all too quickly, it seems like they lasted a week as the rain hit them hard.  Now we are enjoying our day lillies, roses, poppies, dogwood trees all in bloom.

We were lucky, Mark was supposed to have been up north with work Monday – Wednesday, but it was cancelled.

On Saturday we went swimming at Hillcrest pool, it’s such a great place, with outdoor and indoor pools, and now the new cafe which has delicious ice cream amongst other treats.  It was a hot day, at 24 degrees, it felt like a 30+ day in Sydney, so weird.  Sunday was a bit cooler, I think we did some house stuff and maybe a park with Jess.  Monday we had a lovely lazy day, catching up on housework and went for a walk and to a park.  Tuesday was quite hot again, and we met our friend Tara and her two at the local outdoor pool, New Brighton, where we had a great swim and delicious fish and chips in the park.  Jessie has definitely a water baby, and did scare some of the other pre-school mum’s that we met there, as she was swimming underwater by herself, next to me.  Wednesday we caught up with Geeta and her two, Micah and Anya.  Thursday we had some errands and a park visit, and today we are packing and tidying up as Jess and I are leaving for the cottage in Ontario tomorrow, where we look forward to have lots of Smith time at the lake.


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