Summer fun at the Cottage!

We had a lot of fun at the cottage this summer.  Mark’s parents have a lovely cottage near Haliburton, 2.5 hours north of Toronto, on 12 Mile Lake.  They are doing some lovely renovations, to accommodate the ever expanding family, but Jessie’s favourite addition is the sandpit next to the ‘beach’.  Jess and I flew out for a week before Mark joined us for another week.  On our ‘girls week’ we had Tam & Cedric (Mark’s sister and her 14 month old) and Janet.  We had lovely weather, and Jess and I managed to go for at least one swim a day.  The lake was nice and warm, at least 25 degrees I would say, and they had all the toys for the sand and water.  The Iacurti’s were also up across the lake, so we had a few fun nights and visits with them too.   Stu, Kim, Jordyn and Zachary were up each weekend, and luckily so were Paul, Vicky, Declan, Emily and Wills.  It was so cute seeing all the cousins playing together, Jessie was in heaven.  Being at the cottage is very easy: swim, sandpit, more swims, sandpit time, boat rides, ice cream; basically sums up our time there.

Mark arrived the following weekend with Morley, and the family party was underway on Saturday by the early afternoon.  There was waterskiing and tubing behind the speedboat, and lots of swimming and sandpit time for the young’ns.  The new deck was amazing to accommodate over 40 people, it was easy to spread out.  Stuart and Kim’s bouncing castle was of course a hit with the kids, and Janet’s roast beef dinner yet another success.  This photo was quite cute, the ‘big girls’ girls (Sophia, Lauren, Emily and Jessie) all decided to eat together on the deck.

Unfortunately Morley was not his usual peppy self, and on Monday night took a turn for the worse and was in hospital on Tuesday morning, where he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  This was quite a shock, although he had successfully battled his lymphoma 6 months ago and was given the all clear, in remission, only weeks before.  He has now had a course of radiation, and they are confident he will recover well.  This was of course quite upsetting for all, and we left the cottage and had some meals with him and the rest of the family at the hospital near Aurora.


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