Jessie’s 3rd Birthday

Last weekend Jessica Rose turned 3, and we had a lovely garden pool party for her and our friends.  We were very lucky that Granny and Grandpa were in town too, so were able to not only attend, but help out!

She especially enjoyed the pink whale cake (Grandpa helped mash the strawberries for the natural strawberry icing), and the pool – I don’t think Liam was out of it for more than a minute at a time.  

Our friend Kristen was a godsend, arriving early and decorating the house with balloons, chalking up the footpath and directing traffic flow to the backyard.

A good time was had by all, and we were especially lucky to have our Whistler friends (our Whistler ‘family’) Pam, Wayne and JJ make it, the twins would have made it too but were in Ontario at the time.

Mum was busy helping out and making plates of sandwiches, the kids loved the fairy bread (an Aussie tradition, white bread, butter and sprinkles), Grandpa and Mark were great setting up everything and bringing out all the food and drinks.  We even played ‘pass the parcel’, and found it hard to believe that a lot of Canadians had never heard of it, I didn’t realise it was an English and Antipodean game.

Jessie even got a birthday smooch from her boyfriend Liam!  The weather was gorgeous, the last really warm day of summer, we were lucky.  We have had a great summer this year, we had about 2 weeks of hot weather (anything over 23 degrees here counts as HOT!) and we even had to buy a small fan to help cool down the house.

More photos are on Flickr, click here for the link, or on the side of the blog.


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