Granny and Grandpa’s visit

We have been very lucky to have Granny and Grandpa visit us from Australia for three weeks.  It was pretty amazing that Dad took three weeks off work, and Mum parted with her kitties and all her duties, we were truly blessed.  Jessica was absolutely thrilled, and loved waking them up each morning, they were the last thing and first thing on her mind each day.  She adored the attention, having them 24/7 on hand to play with, many songs, nature walks, drawing, elephant rides, Jack and Jill games etc.  Jess loved the snuggles, especially with Winnie the Pooh, which they brought over for her.

On August 11th we were invited to Jessie’s friend Alex’s 3rd party, at Burnaby Train park. It was lots of fun, Jessie enjoyed two rides on the train, it was really cute, it went for 10 minutes each and the kids loved it.  Grandpa took her friend Liam on one trip too, it was a real hit with the kids.  We played pass the parcel and had homemade Winnie the Pooh cupcakes, pinwheel sandwiches, and the kids all had fun.  I think Mum and Dad liked their first look in quite a while at a 3 year old party, it was a good run up to Jessie’s which was the weekend after, fully detailed in previous blog.


Mum and Dad helped us take Jessie for a ride on her bike, she likes it but not as much as her male friends like their bikes.  Mason, Liam and Alex are really fast on their bikes, and just love them.  Jessie likes her bike but is more content doing nature walks, collecting leaves, grass, flowers, rocks etc. in her many buckets, or playing on the swing set or in the sandpit.



We also had a very lovely breakfast at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, thanks to Dad.  He is fortunate that the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron has reciprocal privileges with other yacht clubs around the world.  It was a spectacular day, and the views were amazing, right on the water at Point Grey, looking back across the city and West Vancouver, with many islands in the background.  After breakfast we went down to the beach and played in the sand, Jessie even sat in her sand ‘speedboat’.

Over the whole three weeks there were only two mornings where we had drizzling rain, we had straight sunshine and dare I say it, hot weather for the rest of the time.

One rainy morning we allowed Grandpa to have some quality Jessie time at home (ie. mum and I ditched them) and had a fairly luxurious morning at Starbucks, clothes shopping, and grocery shopping.  It was very nice leaving the house with a purse, not a backpack, listening to the CBC on the radio in the car, not the Wiggles, and relaxing, not having to constantly be on alert for Jess.

The other rainy morning we met our friend Leah who has Maegan and now baby James, at Maplewood Farm.  The girls had a ball, feeding the ducks and chickens, patting the goats, sheep and cows, and feeding the bunnies.  It is a good space, not far away (about 10 min drive in North Vancouver), not too big, and has a nice picnic shelter for snacks/lunch.

We had a lovely picnic at Deep Cove, North Vancouver, with our friend Michelle.  Jessie was playing with the rocks and dipping her feet in the water, and showing Michelle all her treasures.  We had gorgeous fish and chips, halibut no less, followed by yummy gelato.  Jessie loves playing with sand, rocks and water, so was in heaven.

On their last day we finally made it to Burnaby Village Museum.  It is a ye olde town of the 1920s era.  Jessie was not fussed to go on the carousel this time, but enjoyed wandering around the shops, and always likes the garden cow, pictured right.  We went for a tour of the old farmhouse, and the tour guide was talking non stop, mostly about her daughter and her future son-in-law, not the historical highs and lows of the cottage.  By the end of it Jess had had enough, and asked her in a loud voice ‘Will you stop talking!’, at which point I had to agree with her, but quickly took her outside, trying very hard not to laugh, I think I made it to the flowers before falling into fits of laughter.

We were very sad to see Granny and Grandpa go, Jessie had grown really attached to them, and the attention of two adults 24/7 that loved playing with her.  We still miss them greatly, it was quite sad when Jessie would wake up each morning for the next few days and run out to the top of the stairs yelling ‘granny, grandpa, coming down for a visit’ as she used to wake them up most mornings, after 7am of course.  She is more chatty on the phone with them now, and once they get Facetime set up on their iPad we will do more video calls with them.  There are more pics on Flikr, click here for the link.

Jessie especially liked singing with Granny, and here are two songs that she still sings quite well, click on the link, ‘How much is that doggy in the window‘ and ‘Hey Diddle Diddle‘.


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