Good News!

Yes, we are now pregnant at 21 weeks, 4 ultrasounds down with ‘couldn’t be better’ from the Doctors, so that is nice.  Due date is Feb 27th.  I am very glad to be pregnant but can not wait until March 2013, the nausea and exhaustion is not much fun.  Although then I will be dealing with the sleep deprivation and exhaustion, but hey, we will have our other bundle of joy, which always makes it worth while.  The parents trip was again fantastic timing for us, with two extra adults to help occupy Jess and make dinners, as I was around 12 weeks at the time and quite incapacitated.

Apologies for not updating the blog in a while, but it’s been quite busy here.  Jess has now started her pre-school and is loving it.  Each time she runs in without even a look back, and the teachers like her as she goes and comforts the other kids when they are upset or missing their parents. I have seen her kiss and hug some of the boys, it is really cute.  It is a small class, 9 kids in all, with only 3 girls, and she is good friends with both girls, but Penny in particular.  Her pre-school is only for 2 hours, at 12.40pm Tuesday and Thursday, although it is enough time for me to go swimming at the pool, Hillcrest of course, and even read a bit in the library or have a coffee at their cafe.  We have been lucky to have gorgeous weather here, so the kids all play in the park after pre-school for at least an hour each day.

She is liking gymnastics on Mondays, and is good at putting her feet up at the bars and doing two forward rolls in a row down the mats, of course she likes the trampoline and the foam pit best.  On Wednesday she has swimming, and loves this, she can swim about 2 metres now unassisted, and can (just) tread water, so that is great.  Saturday morning she has ballet, which is really cute, and loves it too.  I love that the community centre has a coffee shop and two other kids from our baby group attend the class, so the Mum’s and sometimes the Dad’s and I have a nice 30 minute coffee break, without interruptions.

Mark has been busy with work, and has been away twice now back up to the Mt Milligan mine.  Luckily it was only for a week at a time, but the first time at the end of September both Jess and I were sick with colds then chest infections.  Not much fun, it was a very long week.

Just before all the activities started again after the summer, we managed to go to the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition, a bit like the Royal Easter Show, but on a smaller scale).  Jess liked seeing the farm animals, and went on her first ride.

As I have had a rough time with the nausea, we decided to have vegetarian burritos and ricotta cheesecake for Thanksgiving this year.  Jess helped me make the cheesecake, it was delicious!

On Thanksgiving Monday we went to the Pumpkin Patch farm with Tricia and Liam.  This was a lot of fun, they have a petting zoo there, with some pigs, llama’s, rabbits, goats, ducks and chickens.  We all went on a tractor trailer ride and had a play in the pumpkin patch.  They had a corn maze too, but we didn’t get to it.

Last weekend as Mark was away we thought it was a perfect opportunity for a Whistler weekend!  We went up on Friday afternoon, and stayed with Pam and Wayne and their girls Chantal + Cassidy, and JJ.  We also had time to see our friends Shelley and Jade for breakfast on Saturday morning, and had a nice playdate with Yolanda and Mason for lunch.  Then Saturday afternoon was the big 11th birthday party for JJ.  Jessie was invited to attend and was the life of the party, loving all the attention from the girls, she was just adored by them which was nice.  It was casino themed, so they had various stations to play casino games, with poker chips of course!  Jess liked roulette and blackjack best, and actually won a few games.

Jess has had a wonderful time at various friends birthday parties. Zoe’s was particularly fun, Princess themed, and they had a really great kids face painter there.  Jessie became a princess unicorn, and looked quite cute!  Liam’s birthday party was also a lot of fun, Fireman themed, and the kids all had fire hats and water squirted out some flames in chalk in the sidewalk.

As the leaves are falling from the trees now, people are decorating their houses for Halloween.  Jessie has a few choices for costumes – ballerina, princess, Winnie the Pooh or Tigger, thanks to our neighbour Nadia and Pammy.  I think (hope) Winnie the Pooh wins!  They can wear their outfit to preschool the day before Halloween, and gymnastics two days before, which will be cute.

As per usual all these photos and more are on Flikr, just click here to go to the site, or click on the pics to the right under ‘Karen’s Flikr Photos’.  We also have a few You Tube clips:

Jess and Liam on the boat ride at the PNE

Uncle Wayne tickling Jessie at Whistler


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