Happy Halloween and our Ontario trip

Happy belated Halloween!  It has been a while since I have had a chance to update the blog, it’s been a busy time.

Jessie had a blast at Halloween, with the help from our friend Pam in Whistler she was Winnie the Pooh, and also Tigger.  We had Tricia and Liam come over for a play and dinner, and our neighbour Nadia with Julia and Marcus also came over for Halloween cookie decorating (pumpkins and stars with pink/orange icing and sprinkles on top).  Of course Jessie had great fun spilling the sprinkles all over the floor, and after many sweeps, vacuums and mops we are still finding little coloured balls on our floor all over the house!

Halloween was a cold, wet and windy night, so I was glad that Jess had on the full fleece suit, I followed her around with a big umbrella, and we didn’t get too wet, but she was definitely done after an hour.

Liam was a fantastic pirate, Tricia did well with his make up, and they even made a pirate ship from a box that he wore, unfortunately we didn’t get a pic of that.

It was our first trick or treating experience in North America.  When I was in Canton, NY, as I was a senior we were too old to go door knocking, and I think I went out with my friend Megan to a fraternity Haunted House, and we avoided getting egged.  This year I learnt that protocol was to have one person stay home and give out candies to the trick or treaters, and then one goes with the kids.

Mark stayed home, surprise, surprise, and I went out with Tricia, Liam, Nadia and her two kids.  We went trick or treating for about an hour, up and down our block and the next one.  Jessie took a cleaned out orange sand bucket, but lots of kids had special Halloween lanterns or buckets, and the older kids had pillow cases.   It was fun, there were lots of parents dressed up in Halloween attire, from gorilla suits to witches and everything in between.  The best ‘score’ for Jess was a flashing light tube, which is actually a great treat, as it makes the kids visible in the dark, another good one was a tub of playdoh.  Many of the houses were decorated too, with graveyards, skeletons, chains, skulls etc. in the front yards, and spider webs and spiders over the trees, doors and stair rails, which is what we had.  I also learnt that not every house participates in the festivities.  We only door knock on houses that either have their light on over the door and pumpkins out with candles in them.  Mark and Jess had fun on Halloween eve carving the pumpkin, and I loved eating the seeds (after being mixed with some butter and salt then baked), it tastes just like popcorn.

The week before Halloween we went back to Ontario to visit with Mark’s Dad.  We had a great time catching up with the family, but it wasn’t in the best of circumstances.  Morley has now had lymphoma and brain tumours, chemotherapy and radiation, with the outlook going from 5 years, to 3 years to 6 weeks – 6 months.  So basically it’s an unknown when the cancer will return, we are all hoping and praying for a lengthy reprieve.  He is in pretty good spirits, considering, and the latest scans showed no new cancers, and the brain tumours shrinking, that was very positive news.  He will be coming off the steroid drugs too over the next six weeks, so his weakness, tiredness and mood swings should also improve.  He is even talking about catching the Rocky Mountain train over to see us in February, with a stop in Lake Louise, so that would be something we can all look forward to.

They are busy winding up their medical practice by the end of December, I think it is hard for him to say goodbye and hand over patients that he has been successfully treating for over 20 years.  Also, the cottage is being renovated (it’s been under construction now for 1.5 years, I have money on it taking 2 years) and Janet is project managing this, I don’t know how she is still sane, she is one remarkable lady that I truly admire.  We were lucky to make it up to the cottage for a night, the new renovations are gorgeous, the patio room is spacious and very comfortable, with outstanding views, and their new master bedroom just gorgeous.  It will be worth the wait when it is completed.

While we were there we had a dinner with the family (now 18 people with immediate family), and the kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes.  Luckily Jess insisted on bringing her dress up ballerina outfit over, so she wore that and Janet’s actual tiara from her wedding, to turn her into a princess.  The kids were terribly cute.  Morley had a fantastic menu, we had gourmet chicken pot pies, then we made a French apple strudel for dessert, it was delicious!

You will have to agree that they are one photogenic family!  Morley, Stu, Tam, Mark, Paul and Janet, left to right.

We are all doing well, Jessie has had her September cold, and her October cold, so I am waiting for her November cold.  She is very excited about the new baby, her baby, coming soon, and also about christmas.  She tells everyone that our new baby will be a girl, and she will call it ‘Nurnie’.  I think it’s something to do with Mark’s sister Tam’s childhood nickname, Nurnur.  Anyway, I think she will cope if it’s a boy, and is very excited about helping out, especially changing the diapers/nappies.  This week is a good week for us, as it’s the first time in about three months that either Jess or I have not had to visit the hospital for anything!  One of us always has a Drs apt etc., so it is a nice break, for one week at least. It is now 26 weeks, which is good, and since about 18 weeks the nausea hasn’t been as bad, it hasn’t been all day everyday, just certain parts of the day, so that is an improvement.  Although for the last week or so I have been taking iron tablets as I am anaemic, so the nausea came back.  Last Tuesday I had the diabetes glucose blood test, where you have to fast for 12 hours, then go in and have a blood test, drink some orange liquid, then wait two hours and have another blood test.  I knew it was going to be a bad day when I was throwing up in the morning before I even left the house.  I have recently changed to a new iron supplement, and am ‘beefing’ up my meals with more meat (which I have been repulsed by) and Jess and I are having a kale, spinach, orange and other fruit blender drink each afternoon.  Cross your fingers that my iron levels improve!  Luckily the blood test was negative so that was good news, in fact I am 15 pounds/7kgs lighter at this stage in the pregnancy than I was with Jess, so that is good.

This morning we started doing some christmasy things, we went to a shopping mall that has a model train go through their santa village, and Jess and her friend Micah just loved it, they even got a free sit on santa’s knee.  When he asked her what she wanted santa to bring her for christmas, she said a pink wrapper.  So I think we will be fine with anything, as long as there is pink paper on it.  Does this give you some idea how obsessed she is with the colour pink?  She is also loving doing her craft,, drawings, stickers, gluing pom poms and feathers on paper, and still playing with playdough.  Anything pink of course goes first.  Mark is doing well, and just received a promotion at work, he has gone from a Staff Engineer to a Project Engineer, which is great.  Happy American Thanksgiving to all our friends down south!


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  1. Sounds as though things are going well Kaz. Are you feeling any better at all? Love the photos – Jess is such a cutie. We’re all well down this way – also looking forward to Christmas and lots of time at the beach. Love to all your gang. B x

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