Our blog tells the story of our time here in Vancouver, Canada, so that family and friends can keep in touch with us and our activities.  Jessica is 3 years old in August 2012, and keeps us on our toes.  Her favourite activities are swimming, playing in the sand, at parks, walking, enjoying nature (picking up sticks, flowers, leaves, rocks, worms etc.), visiting Vancouver Aquarium, cooking and playing inside with her stuffed toys and dolls.  Currently we are on summer break from her activities, but in September she will start pre-school and continue with gymnastics, ballet and swimming classes.

Mark is a Civil Engineer, working for Knight Piesold, mostly on mining and water hydro schemes.

I am a stay at home mum ‘working’ with the two of them, there is always plenty to do, and it is a joy being able to spend the time with Jessica in her toddler and pre-school years.

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  1. Megan

    Love hearing your adventures…

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